Ten things Taylor Swift taught us about love

If ever there was somebody who knows about love, it's got to be Taylor Swift. After all, she's pretty much written the 21st century book of love. Sure, she's only 23, but even so, she seems to know a thing or two about relationships -- god knows, the girl's certainly been in enough of them. Alas, there is much that can be gleaned from examining her vast catalog. But who's got that kind of time? Uh, we do, obviously, and so we've put together the cliff notes. Keep reading for the ten things Taylor taught us about love.

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10. Trust your instincts They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but on the battlefield of love, even your enemies can become your lovers given the right opportunity. So trust your instincts. If he looks like trouble from the moment he walks in, steer clear entirely. You don't want to end up another notch in his belt.

9. Lack of communication kills any relationship Not every relationship is an open book. There are complications -- walls up, lack of communication, self-consciousness. But you have to talk. Communicate. Otherwise she'll start to go crazy... like thrashing-in-the-middle-of-the-campus-library crazy. Then you're no longer living a relationship; you're living a tragedy.

8. Chivalry is not dead Unless you have a high school sweetheart (lucky you!), you've got an ex. So does she. She will compare you to him. It's only natural. Do you open the door for her? He didn't. Do you stand up when she walks in the room? He didn't. So be a gentleman, chivalrous even. Only then will she forget about her ex and let love begin again with you.

7. Interrupting a wedding is not necessarily frowned upon If your love is off marrying someone else, stop reading this and go find them! Seriously. What are you waiting for? Your future spouse is about to pledge their life to someone else. You better speak now... or forever regret it.

6. You better let her drive your truck (or Prius) It's one thing to not let her join you on guys' night, but it's a whole different thing entirely when all she wants to do is drive your truck. Just let her. (Or, at the very least, don't let anyone else drive it, either.) Otherwise, she'll break into your apartment with a gang of friends and make you realize how much easier it would have been to risk her breaking one prized possession as opposed to all of them.

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5. Romeo and Juliet is a love story we all want to believe in All anyone wants is to find that undying, mutual love -- the kind you're willing to die for, the kind you're willing to live for. Romeo and Juliet-sized love still exists in the social media era, though it may not come at you directly in a tweet.

4. Love is easy when it's right If you were wondering whether you were in love or not, consider this: Are you seeing red? You should be. Love isn't blue, or gray, or yellow, or pink. It's red. It should be as easy as red, too -- like forgetting about someone you'd never met or knowing all of the words to your favorite song.

3. Love is unexpected Sometimes love hits like an atom bomb. Unexpected and exciting, love is wonderfully exciting. Stop looking for love, and let it find you, surprise you even.

2. Make a decision and stick with it After you break up, you may feel like you'd like to get back together with your ex. So you do, and then you break up again. Thus begins a vicious cycle. You owe it to yourself and the glory days of your relationship to just say no. When you say you're, like, never ever going to get back together, show some resolve and stick to that decision.

1. Sometimes your best friend is the one you should be with She may wear high heels and short skirts, but she's also shallow and self-absorbed. You need someone like the girl who is always there for you, the girl who supports you no matter what -- you may not see her, but she's always there on the bleachers. She's your best friend. So put a ring on it already.

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