Ten tunes to play when you're getting laid

Like attack ads during election season, the jewelry commercials are set to overdrive. Rose prices have gone up, like, one billion percent. Everywhere you look, it's all pink and red and hearts. Yep, V-Day is upon us. You know what that means, right? It means that after you get all that sappy sentimental crap out of the way, you'll be getting it on like a love-starved sailor on weekend leave. And if you happen to get lucky, you're going to need a sultry soundtrack to consummate your love. Lucky for you, we've compiled a very special playlist (or p-laidlist, if you're nasty) just for you based on the type of listener you are, whether you're a hipster or a juggalo. Keep reading for our list of salacious ditties to slip on to your hookup playlist.

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Stephanie March
Contact: Stephanie March