That's going to leave a mark: New OFF! video shows pro skater Leo Romero crashing 32 times

Just in time for the two Colorado dates for OFF! this weekend comes the music video for "Crawl," one of the best tracks off the band's First Four EPs collection. It's ninety seconds of one of the best skateboarders in the world, Leo Romero, eating it, wiping out and scraping pavement. The guys in OFF! have a sense of humor (see their collective band pedigree), but also apparently a wonderful sadistic side.

The wipeout concept has been done before, famously with minor MTV hit "Scrape," by New York noise/metal band Unsane, but by singling out a lone skater, albeit one of the best around, the concept takes on new life and goes from cringe-inducing footage of a variety of unknown skaters to funny by showing Romero -- named Thrasher magazine's 2010 Skater of the Year -- crashing (by our count) 32 times. It's like a compilation video of every one of Tim Tebow's sacks set to the music of "Country Roads." Or something.

OFF! play Saturday night at the Marquis Theater and on Sunday at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs. Be sure to check this week's Westword for an interview with the always-entertaining Keith Morris.

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Nick Lucchesi
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