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The Autumn Film

The Autumn Film has gone from beautiful to stunning. Tifah Al-Attas's voice flows like warm honey, but it did that before this album. What it has this time around is a more suitable canvas of instruments. Before, Tifah was the sad spotlight, and now she is sunken into an ebb and flow of poignant piano and an orchestra's range of emotion. Here are songs to break down to and be lifted by. It is melancholia that does not fill a space as much as consume it. There is a lack of subtlety to the lyrics: "Don't give up on me now/This can all be mended." But this isn't about being coy. This is about the naked moments of familiar lovers who know each other too well to bother with aloof or witty. In those moments, the only things that will do are patience and honesty, and the Autumn Film doesn't know any other way.

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