The Autumn Film reveals details of new album

UPDATE: Sounds like the Autumn Film is nearing finished working on its new album, which we just learned will be titled the Ship and the Sea. Fans who pre-order the record now, will receive a link download the full album on Friday, February 26, followed by a physical copy, which will be direct mailed sometime after that. If you'd rather buy the disc in person, you can always do that, as well. The group is still on track to perform at the Walnut Room on Friday, March 5.

[orig. post: 09.15.09, 07:27:52] The Autumn Film is preparing to begin work on a brand new full-length, the follow-up to its acclaimed 2007 debut, Safe & Sound. The act formerly known as Tifah has spent the better part of the past few years on the road, eight months of which have also been spent working with former Warner Chapel Publishing VP, Judy Stakee.

The outfit is set to begin recording the as-yet-titled album (due to be released locally at the Walnut Room on Friday, March 5, 2010) in Nashville with Jason Lehning, a Grammy-nominated knob turner who's worked with Guster, Randy Travis and a slew of other well known country artists. Although the Autumn Film, which has sold 13,000 copies of its records on its own, has been courted by a number of labels, the members have opted to issue the forthcoming disc independently.

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