The Battleship Agenda shows off their big, um, battleship

What's the best way to promote a show with a headlining band called Battleship Agenda? Well, you get a big ass battleship and you show it off. Bonus points go to whoever booked this show and made sure to tag Nautical Mile to play as well; it's a sea-faring trip in a land-locked state that should also be a great punk show.

Going to the show will net you a long evening of some of Denver's premier pop punk. As evidenced by the flier we've got here, each band comes with a logo, an age-old tradition among bands that seems to, unfortunately, be dying out recently. We're fans of the logos because each one gives us a pretty good idea of each bands sound, especially The Shake Up Brigade. With all those arrows jumping around everywhere there it's clear they'll be an incredibly poppy, bouncy act.

The ship itself brings to mind a journey into the unknown. Or war. We're guessing the night will be a delicate balance between the two but hopefully more introspection and less fighting. You never really know what to expect when you go to a show, do you?

The show itself should be a great way to relieve any post-holiday stress you've pent up, with a (ahem) boatload of music and a sure-to-be-energized audience.

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