The Calf Branders

The one thing in short supply in good roadhouse music is humor. But there's no such lack on the debut CD from local twang-bangers the Calf Branders. The boys open Good Enuff!? with their very own theme song, which pays tribute to everything from the group's infrequent rehearsals to its job requirements when wrestling calves -- which comes complete with a catchy chorus of "castration, castration." Led by Hillbilly Hellcats bassist Lance Bakemeyer (a rancher by day), the act sports seasoned chops, a hotshot lead player in Tony Asnicar, and smart songwriting skills in Christian Dulin and Bakemeyer. The disc's other winking highlights include "I Drive a Truck" and "8 Second Ride," both of which would make Country Dick Montana proud. Add a handful of less campy but solid honky-tonk numbers ("Drink Up" and "Whiskey God") plus a few rockabilly sendups, and you've got proof that these fellas understand what makes a good-time brand of music.

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