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The Culhanes

During its twenty-year run, the redneck variety show Hee Haw became an American institution of sorts, bringing country music and humor into the living rooms of a ton of folks. Recurring skits included the adventures of the Culhane family, who would sit on an old-fashioned sofa in a parlor and make deadpan comments. Longmont's alt-country Culhanes borrow a bit of Hee Haw's cheekiness and delve into tried-and-true country cliches of drinking, longing and, uh, robbing banks, as heard on tunes such as "Bottoms Up" and "Fast Charlie," which features vocal trade-offs between frontman Pat O'Toole and Jenny Lynn Culhane. While this ain't pure Texas country, these folks manage to inject a bit of rock and roll into the mix and churn out a damn fine record.

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