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The Dan Band

Dan Finnerty is living the dream. His old lady, Kathy Najimy, is a semi-famous Hollywood starlet; he fronts a band named after himself and jets across the globe like a rock star. Thing is, he's not a rock star. He does play one on TV, though -- er, rather, the silver screen. You might remember him and his motley band of hucksters from their stints in Old School or, more recently, Starsky and Hutch. Not since Jack Black evoked Marvin Gaye in High Fidelity has anyone exploited novelty shtick so deftly. In Finnerty's case, he's turned it into a cottage industry. But here's the best part: Unlike other fledgling rockers, Finnerty doesn't have to burn any brain cells writing tunes; all of the songs he performs have already been made famous (by women, no less). Sounding like Dan Hill after a seven-day bender, Finnerty's straight-faced take on Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart," Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" and the quintessential femme anthem of all time, Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman," will murder you -- assuming you give a Dan.
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Dave Herrera
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