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The Double-Barrelled Slingshots

The Double-Barrelled Slingshots run up a riot on Destroy Rock City, the band's first (and aptly titled) full-length release. A detonation of no-nonsense old-school punk, the disc crisply lays bare the local coed outfit's unrelenting live energy. The fourteen songs rev into the red on an engine of crash-and-burn guitar, deftly squealing, swerving and searing along on the well-worn punk and hard-rock routes, catalyzed by a hint of wayward rockabilly. Head Slingshot Pam Puente doesn't waste much breath, delivering emotionally charged vocals that merge two parts ferocity with one part soul. "Truth About Boys and Girls" is as poppy as the Slingshots get (which isn't all that poppy), bouncing gamely between girl-group-style Q & A and full-throttle choruses, while "Condition" is pure amphetamine punk. The record only has two gears -- fourth and overdrive -- but those are clearly the speeds at which the Slingshots run the smoothest. (The Double-Barrelled Slingshots perform Thursday, February 20, at Sportsfield Roxxx; see
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Eric Peterson