The economy sucks, so here are 570 free songs

It's finds like this that make me glad I am a pathetic, house-bound loser who spends all his time surfing the Internet. The good folks at Amazon.com got into the MP3-selling business a while back. Not only are there formats better than the ridiculous iTunes formats (for example, no DRM, universally usable VBR MP3s instead of iPod-only AAC files, etc.), but they are giving away 570 songs for free, no obligation. If you are near as broke as I am, this is good news, indeed! Let me be clear, too: we aren't talking about a bunch of flaccid tracks from no-name artists here, but songs from artists you know and love, or maybe just wanted to check out for a while now. A few names to whet your appetite: Apples in Stereo, The Black Lips, Ani DiFranco, Ted Nugent, My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog and Sepultura. I have no idea if this is a standing offer or some kind of limited promotion, but why take the chance? Head on over there and start downloading now!

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