The First Annual 5280 Urban Music Awards to honor Colorado hip-hop

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Appearances to the contrary, the first annual 5280 Urban Music Awards has nothing to do with 5280 the magazine. It does, however, have everything to do with the local hip-hop scene. The UMAs are slated to be held on Saturday, October 17, at the Crown Plaza Convention Center off of I-70 and Chambers in Aurora, and will honor local artists in an array of categories including, "The Go Getter Award," "The Freeway Award," "The Big Fish Award," "Mean Machine Award," and a host of others. The show, which will be hosted by comedian Bubba Loc of BET Comic View fame and feature DJ KTone as the in-house DJ, will also include performances from the Food Chain, Vonny Loc, Dai Dai, Allison Wright and a special tribute to Colfax Cac, a local rapper who was killed in 2005.

Looking at the nominees and the awards that will be given out, you might wonder how the process worked. According to event organizer Jaraine Lattany of Entertainment by 1600 Inc., the nominees were selected based off word of mouth. Fans were then able to go to the UMA MySpace page and vote on the winners. Regardless of the voting each nominee will receive an award, says Lattany, who also reports that reps from Atlantic Records will be on hand to check out music from the local scene. Follow the jump for a full list of the nominees and categories.

Young Doe
Rie Rie
Inner State Ike
Food Chain
Zeus / Playa Intenze
Shadow 626
Big Rat
Vonny Loc
Yung Mystic

Allison Wright
Dae Dai
Mike G

Scorp Dezel
Mo Heat
Chase Da Cat
800 The Jewell

1. The GO Getter Award
(Award goes to the person or group that gets it for real through more products than average)

2. Town Reputable Award
(Goes to the song that represents the city in the whole, in the slickest crossover way)

3. The Freeway Award
(Goes to the person or group that everyone is checking for outside the city and state limits)

4. The Thin Line Award A.K.A The One Hundred Award
(goes to the person or group with the thinnest line of Art imitating life)

5. Jet Setter Award
(Goes to the person or group who is building that global network and working with or bringing artist or producers from different sections of the map)

6. The Big Fish Award
(goes to the person or group everyone simply has to go see when performing in town)

7. Mean Machine Award
(Goes to the label of the year, The One putting in the most work and turning the most heads)

8. Song of The Year Award
(goes to the best song of the year)


1. Icing on The Cake Award for Best Hooks
(goes to The artist or group that added just enough sugar to the song to make it sweet at bear meat)

2. True To Life Artist Award
(Goes to the artist or group that is the truth in live performance, CD and guest appearances. The full package real deal)

3. The Pillow Talk Award - Sexiest Lyrics
(This award is for lyrical content and goes to the artist or group with a real mouth piece for the opposite sex)

4. Making Moves Award
(goes to the artist who's every move is made to further their singing career)

5. Best Song

6. Best Catalog (overall songs)

1. Big Beat Award
(goes to the producer that made a smash that can't be denied)

2. The Airplay Award
(Goes to the producer that is able to get radio play and get spins by the corporate power houses)

3. The Jet setter Award
(goes to the producer with clientele from near and far coming banging their doors to get that heat)

4. Big Fish Award
(Goes to the producer that is on everybody's project and evreryone want to work with and come see)

5.The Foundation Award
(Goes to the producer that labels and companies use as a foundation to build on) To vote please listen to the music on the page and add a comment about who you think should win each award. If you don't know who to vote for a given category it's ok to leave it blank. Just vote for the Ones you feel fit the award categories the best. Thank you for your time.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.