The first track from ROM mysteriously appears

We don't know much about ROM. We know we've been seeing stickers around town, which is what made us to look it up in the first place, and now we know there's a Kickstarter project trying to fund a flexi disc. We also know it's made up of two people in Colorado who have been making music for a long while -- other than that, all we have is one track, titled "Electric Mistress."

As for the track, it sounds a bit like Wendy Carlos filtered through a Commodore 64's SID chip then sucked through a reverb filter. It's slow and methodical, clearly inspired by the likes of Tron's two soundtracks, but also forging a bit of its own path. That path seems to be leading straight to the electronic music labs of MIT circa 1963, which isn't a bad thing by any stretch of the word.

You can take a listen to it yourself below. We're certain we'll be hearing more from these two in the future, but it's not clear in what form that'll come in. We're hoping it's some type of crazy live show with masks and costumes where they don't reveal their identity like some strange Daft Punk-ian dream.

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