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The Fray

The Fray's latest feels like a natural progression from its massively successful debut. Everything that drew listeners in the first time — the piano-driven ballads, the tasteful guitar flourishes, the dramatic builds, the soaring melodies and earnest, soul-searching lyrics — is plentiful here and more refined. The magnetism of Isaac Slade's impassioned vocals adds tenderness to tracks like "Enough for Now," which deals with the resignation of losing a loved one. And his delicate falsetto fortifies vulnerable moments of uncertainty on cuts like "Never Say Never," in which relationships teeter precariously on the verge of collapse, as does Joe King's on "Ungodly Hour." Those with a sentimental streak who love the Fray will continue to do so. Unabashedly. Those who don't won't change their mind with this one.

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Dave Herrera
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