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The Game

Rappers and producers who appear on the Game's third album, LAX, include...everybody. There's Kanye West, Scott Storch, Travis Barker, Keisha Cole and Ne-Yo, for starters, and Game says he recorded over 220 tracks for the CD. But with the exception of two admittedly lights-out bangers, "My Life" and "Dope Boys," the album is a bloated, sentimental, name-dropping mess. There's unverifiable, probably untrue braggadocio ("House of Pain," "LAX Files"), a tribute to Tupac and Eazy-E ("Never Can Say Goodbye") and yet another song about cash and dough and stacks and stuff ("Money"). Game is a versatile, passionate MC, and we hope he doesn't quit, as he's threatened. But LAX is not a cohesive piece of art — and that's a shame, because he's completely capable of making one.

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