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The Gamits

Chris Fogal has a message for fellow musicians. On the song "Delusional," Fogal tells his starry-eyed peers: "You will never know fame/You will never get signed." Considering Fogal's previous close calls with success, it would behoove up-and-comers to pay attention. The Gamits' last record, 2004's Antidote, was a highly touted critical success, receiving four out of five stars in AP magazine. Unfortunately, Antidote was a commercial disappointment, and the band broke up shortly thereafter. More than six years later, the Gamits are back with Parts, which features the same lyrical fragility as Antidote, the buzz and explosiveness of Come Get Some, and a new, scratchy vocal delivery for Fogal. It's a formula that's sure to bring back old-school fans and win some new ones.

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