The Gamits light your eyes on fire this week

Quick: What type of glasses do you usually see at a Gamits show? If you guessed aviators, horn-rimmed or browline, you win a substantial amount of geek points for knowing the names of the three nerdiest types of glasses. Also, you should probably get down to the Gamits show this weekend, because you'll fit right in.

What we like about this flier is its simplicity. Josh Bergstrand's (of Lion Sized) design is eye-popping but not brain-melting. You can glance at it for a split second and automatically realize it's a flier for a punk-rock show, but not that teen-angst punk rock -- more of an adult, knowledge-driven punk rock. That's what the glasses convey.

As far as the show itself is concerned, this should be a pretty awesome affair. It's likely to be the most intimate setting in which you'll see the Gamits, and it may conjure lost memories of the 15th Street Tavern -- but hopefully with a slightly better smell.

The openers are sure to rock, too, with the Reckless Nights and the Fire Drills (featuring our own Jason Heller, who happens to wear one of the pairs of the glasses on the flier) warming the crowd up with jangly rock. This will also be the first show for the Fire Drills with their new singer, funnyman and onetime frontman of the 29th Street Disciples, Ben Roy.

If nothing else, it'll be a great way to show off your new Mad Men-like browlines and drink a gin and tonic.

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