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The Getdown!

On this three-song EP, the Getdown! — made up of singer/bassist Dustin Lawlor and drummer Tom Nelson — literally wears its influences on its sleeves with two covers by bands that helped inspire the duo's fuzz-drenched garage sound. Lawlor and Nelson take Thee Milkshakes' "For She," strip out the original's poppy bounce and make the tune sound a whole lot more raw. While they owe a lot to garage god Billy Childish, who fronted Thee Milkshakes as well as a bunch of other bands, they take a few cues from the Sonics on their version of "Leave My Kitten Alone," originally done by Little Willie John. There's a bit of both bands on the Getdown's original "A Polite Introduction," which is anything but polite — but then, isn't garage rock supposed to be a little rude?

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