The Gromet's Colorado Captain: Backbeat presents an exclusive advance listen (CD release party tonight!)

Tomorrow night at Moe's BBQ, the Gromet, profiled in this week's paper, is hosting a release party for its brand new CD, with Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels and Calder's Revolvers. In advance of the show, Backbeat is pleased to present you with an exclusive advance listen of Colorado Captain in its entirety after the jump.

Colorado Captain was recorded at Ryan Conway at Conway Sound. According to Gromet frontman Shea Boynton, he's been recording at the North Denver studio since his old band, Autonomous Collective, recorded their first and only album, Name Deleted, in 2004. When that act folded, most of the member's went on to form the The Archive, famous for it's showy musicianship, Rush covers and larger than life bass player, simply known as Fat Guy.

Boynton, on the other hand, recruited longtime friends, drummer/vocalist Johnny Lewth and bassist Nick Pittman, started the Gromet and returned to Conway in May of last year to cut the band's first self titled EP. When it came time to work on the next album, naturally, the trio returned to Conway yet again to record the songs that ended up on Colorado Captain.

Boynton and company's attraction to Conway has a lot to do with the studio's ability to record reel to reel and with the engineer the studio namesake's ability to make that process and sound as warm and relaxing as Colorado Captain's subject matter: Back country driving and easy living. The vibe at Conway Sound is so relaxed, in fact, that sometimes, you can forget you've even recording at all, Boynton relates.

"On the first track, 'Easy As It Starts,' we started drinking at 10 a.m.," Boynton recalls. "My buddy Jeff Miller came in at six at night to lay down the violin. We were so drunk we forgot what he played! The next day we played it back, and realized it was really good!"

For all of those warm and fuzzy vibes inside, though, the mood outside the studio wasn't always so inviting, says Boynton. After receiving the final mix of Colorado Captain, the group quickly put it into the car stereo for a listen, and heard something peculiar in what they initially thought was buried in the mix.

"We were listening really close and we start hearing gun shots and we're thinking how the hell did that get in there?" Shea tells. "We look to our left, and there's two dudes blowing off their glocks right next to my car, so I gunned it and raced through a couple lights ... scary shit!"

The drives referred to on Colorado Captain are far less harrowing. The song "Merrimack," sung by both Boynton and Lewth, tells the tale of when the pair lived in a pop up camper in Wells, Maine and used to drive into the town of Merrimack to swim in the eponymously named river. "The drive to Merrimack was incredible and lush especially in the fall," Boyton recalls "It's like the trees were on acid!"

Although, Colorado Captain, features upbeat barnstormers like "Easy As It Starts" and "Suckerfish," the vibe the trio is trying to convey is to live life simple, peacefully, perhaps on a mind altering substance or two, and definitely free of drama -- or in this case, gun shots.

The Gromet Colorado Captain Tracklist

01. Easy As It Starts 02. Time Rains 03. Sink or Sail 04. Dahmer and Blitzen 05. Merrimack 06. Fritzel 07. Suckerfish 08. Heels In the Ground

The Gromet CD-release party, with Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels and Calder's Revolvers, 8 p.m. Saturday, June 5, Moe's BBQ, 3295 South Broadway, $5, 303-781-0414.

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