The Hollyfelds make your black heart blue

It's time to start getting excited about a fresh EP from the Hollyfelds, the band that Westword readers deemed the best alt-country act in town last year. It's been just over a year since the thoroughly entertaining, unflinchingly professional and utterly engaging quintet graced us with its debut full-length, Saratoga. On Friday, April 3 at the Skylark Lounge, the band will unveil its latest creation.

Black Heart Blue will be a five-song EP, recorded, like the band's debut EP, File Under "H" for Toy, with Brian Hunter at Mousetrap Studios. Mixing and mastering was done by Masaki, who worked on several records for Five Iron Frenzy, the band in which the Hollyfelds' Keith Hoerig cut his teeth, as well as the debut from Brave Saint Saturn, the Five Iron side project that featured Hoerig and Reese Roper. Look for more coverage to come soon in Westword, and expect more of the same impressive musicianship, gritty harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and twang-with-a-bang that made Saratoga such a pleasurable listen.

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