The Knife Win Lifetime Achievement Award for Weird Acceptance Speeches

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The Knife has made some ridiculously incredible music in the past ten years. In fact, the act has won quite a few awards for it, mostly in their native Sweden. Last year, one half of the sibling duo recorded an album using the moniker Fever Ray, and she just won "Best Dance Artist" at the P3 Guld public radio awards in Gothenburg. She handles the stage slightly differently than Drew Barrymore.

So yeah. That was... awesome.

The Knife is notoriously elusive -- for the first six years of their career the members did not perform a single live show. And when they won a Swedish Grammy for 2003's Deep Cuts, they sent two friends in gorilla masks to the ceremony to accept the award. The move was to move the focus to the music and away from the people, and also to protest the gender inequality in the music industry.

A few years later, they absolutely dominated the same award ceremony for 2006's Silent Shout, winning in six categories. In their most cooperative gesture ever, the siblings actually submitted a video wherein they said a few normal things. Of course, they also said a few not normal things, and the video itself ... let's just say it's not exactly point-and-shoot.

Here's the translation, courtesy of Netlog.

Hi, and thank you, how fun to receive this award. We can't be with you tonight because we are on tour.

To be on tour is very exciting. We've been on tour, off and on, for a year now. We're home once in a while, but it's fun to meet people who appreciate what you do, and to experience different cultures. A lot of airports, hotel rooms, and late nights. I remember one night in particular, in Hamburg, it was raining... [cut]

A friend told me that I'm pathetic. But I don't feel pathetic, I just feel a little weak. And this. I'm supposed to thank a few people on behalf of the Knife. I would like to thank Kerstin, Aaron, Anton, Natasha, Joel... and everyone who likes us...

[Off-camera voice:] Dad?

Yeah, dad too... and everyone I've thanked in real life. [cut]

Before I introduce myself [someone laughs off-camera], I would like to say how happy I am for this award. Erik is my name, and I'm CEO of the Knife. Thanks, many thanks, and even more thanks to all of you. The Knife has been an adventure for me, Olof, and Karin, the Knife. Thoughts fly around in my head. Disparate tones which give us simple but accurate melodies -- they hit me right in the heart. Thanks.

Today on the bus, I saw a small child who started laughing, for no reason, like in a 'happy-rush.' I thought, What if I could feel that way again? Right now, I do. Perhaps it's as a wise man said once: It is rare that a bird lands in the same spot twice. I'd like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you feel the joy -- this flowing, bubbling surge of joy -- that I have over this award, and I hope you understand this is something which I haven't been able to quite comprehend yet. Thanks.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.