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The Lemonheads

Descendents and All drummer Bill Stevenson, who's also the proprietor of Fort Collins's Blasting Room Studios, doesn't consider himself a permanent part of the Lemonheads. "I think they've always had a sort of revolving lineup," he says. But for the past year-plus, he and Descendents/All bassist Karl Alvarez have been de facto members of singer/guitarist Evan Dando's long-running combo. Stevenson co-produced The Lemonheads, a 2006 disc that earned Dando his best notices in ages, and co-wrote three tunes. Moreover, he and Alvarez anchored the tracks, which were cut at the Blasting Room, and they'll do likewise on the act's current tour with the New Rivals. The band's hardly Stevenson's only ongoing project — for an update on his other doings, visit our Backbeat Online blog — but it's one he takes seriously. He's busy practicing for the gigs and expects that "we're going to start making another record next year." Looks like the revolving lineup is still spinning his way.

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