The Magic Beans are Jammin' Up the Poudre this Saturday at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Nestled in the hills of Nederland, you'll find the Magic Beans, an outfit that is growing strong roots in the ever blossoming jam scene in Colorado with a sturdy base of jazz, rock, bluegrass and electronica. With an eye toward creating an ongoing sense of community with fellow members of the burgeoning Boulder scene, the Beans are heading up a bill at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre this Saturday night featuring TTF, SunSquabi, Astronomix, Language Love, Useful Jenkins and Need&Necessity.

"We were kinda kicking the idea back and forth to think of it just as a Beans show," says Casey Russell. "Then we decided to make it a bigger event." And so with that in mind, the Magic Beans reached out to all the other bands, who have all played with each other at some point, for the fittingly titled Jammin' Up the Poudre Music and Arts Festival.

As for the Magic Beans, while the group's song catalog isn't that extensive quite yet, the group offers up some in-depth jams that easily tell a story with a blend of several different styles. Although composition is obviously important to the band, the act is just as focused on honing their live performances, so the fans have something special to look forward to in each show -- that is, in addition to the ride to the shows themselves. That sense of community is limited to the other bands; it carries over to the fans. For most of their shows, the Beans captain a party bus full of raging bodies.

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