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The Makers

Jim Chandler once whacked the skins in a slew of Colorado outfits, from the punky Social Joke to the fuzzy Down-n-Outs. But even after moving to Seattle to join Sub Pop garage troupe the Makers, he wasn't prepared for the drum throne he was offered last year -- the one behind Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of the Cramps. After doing a European tour with the legendary gore-rockers, though, things fell apart when Chandler tired of the Cramps' excessive discipline, as well as being reputedly reprimanded for committing the cardinal offense of liking Cheap Trick. Now, the ever-affable stickman is back with the Makers, revered for their pioneering riff-craft as well as their trendsetting sartorial esprit. After a couple misguided forays into high-concept glam, the band is back to its primal roots with its new disc, Stripped, a collection of revamped versions of some of its trashiest classics. Chandler's drumming is as frantic and flailing as ever. Swing by the Larimer Lounge this Wednesday and see a local boy makin' it good.
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Jason Heller
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