The Mating Game: Eric Halborg from the Swayback

It's often been said that being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship, that sometimes your bandmates know you better than your significant other. We're putting this notion to the test by asking a select band member a half-dozen personal questions (easy, tiger, nothing salacious), and then posing the exact same queries to his main squeeze and then one of his bandmates, to see who offers up the most correct answers. This week: Eric Halborg from the Swayback, his guitarist William Murphy, and Halborg's lovely wife, Noel.

Bandmate versus Soulmate ...and go!

1. What was your first concert? (20 points) Halborg: Chuck Berry in Las Vegas. Murphy: Goddamn! I totally know's something random. Uh, I don't know. (0) Noel: I know this... he's told me this before. Um, My Bloody Valentine? (0)

2. What's your favorite record? (20 points) Halborg: Ride - Nowhere Murphy:The Queen is Dead - The Smiths (0) Noel: Maybe something by Swervedriver? (0)

3. Who's your favorite artist? (20 points) Halborg: Bob Dylan Murphy: Frank Sinatra or Morrisey (0) Noel: Bob Dylan (+20)

4. What's your favorite song right now? (20 points) Halborg: "Just One Thing" by My Morning Jacket Murphy:Probably any 3OH!3 song. (0) Noel: There's a Tom Petty song he's been learning... (0)

5. What's your least favorite song? Halborg: Anything by Dashboard Confessional. Murphy: Anything by Dashboard Confessional. (+20) Noel: Alanis Morrisette or somebody like that. (0)

6. If you could join any band, which would it be? Halborg: The Wailers Murphy: The Mothers of Invention (0) Noel: I'm going to say Swervedriver again. (0)

Tally: It's a tie! Both William and Noel went one for six, earning twenty points total.

Verdict: When it comes to Halborg's musical tastes, there's a great chance that the clerk at the gas station where he fills up his car knows as much about him as these two. In their defense, though, from what we know about Halborg, he's a bit of a wandering spirit. So getting a grasp on his likes and dislikes is probably like forecasting the weather in Colorado.

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Dave Herrera
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