The Motet casts Mishawaka as a mystical wonderland and earns top flier nod

This week's top flier inspires a sense of delicate, earthy mysticism that recalls classic children's books. You know, the kind that hold eternal wisdom among their bright illustrations and simple stories, the ones you return to again and again as you grow older and can't wait to introduce your own children to. It's evocative of Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) touched with the tiniest hint of Richard Scarry and infused with a psychedelic edge.

The translucent owl sitting among the fairy-dust kissed branches of a dream tree is simply a fantastic image. The subtle patterning behind it helps lend the image an illusion of depth and the bright, abstract flowers below the tree add a touch of contrast via the use of a more electric color palate than is present on the rest of the pic.

We're not quite as in love with the choice of fonts -- it's a little too techy to really work with the groovy mystic vibe of the rest of the design. Despite that it's still an arresting and visually pleasing image. Oh, and we'd be remiss to not point out that it's at an absolutely beautiful and kind of mystical venue, too -- if you've never been to Mishawaka, this Motet show could be a great intro. The band's intricate, funky jams should sound mighty fine in the heart of the foothills up north, next to a beautiful river.

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