The Pirate Signal, Epilogues and Chain Gang of 1974 got spins this past week on local radio. See who else got played.

Here what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. We're currently tracking the playlists a number of different shows including, Radio 1190's Local Shakedown*, KTCL's Locals Only, KBCO's Local Edition, The Colorado Sound, which originates at KRFC and is re-broadcast all over Colorado, 99.5 the Mountain's Homegrown Show*, and the Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. See the full playlists posted after the jump.

* These playlists haven't been made available yet, but will be added as soon as they are.


Pirate Signal - "No!" Umconscious - "That Music" Life in Electric - "Running Away" Vices I Admire - "Kiss Kiss" The Foot - "Seeing Red" Xiren - "Gateway Drug"' Tatanka - "Your Permission" Demon Funkies - "Compton's Finest" SP1 - "With Him" Some Random Band - "My Sweet Marie" A Shoreline Dream - "Hypermode" Dominic Gomez - "I Think I'm in Love" James Roy - "Rise Above"


The Subdudes "Any Cure" Crowboy "Babylon" Chain Gang of 1974 "Funk Giants" 12 Cents for Marvin "Russian Roulette (Tragedy Version)" Kinetix "Let Me In" Flobots "White Flag Warrior" Greg Harris Vibe Quintet "Northside Hunter" Lelah Simon "151" Six Months to Live "Sole Operator" Chris Daniels & the Kings "Depot Street" Hello Kavita "Colorado" Angie Stevens & the Beautiful Wreck "The Current that Carries" Aakash Mittal Quartet "The Street" Sugarloaf "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" Big Head Todd and the Monsters "Beautiful" NEW Ash Ganley "Universe Acceptable" Sweet Water Well "Zoeology" The Big Motif "The Daily Motion" Born in The Flood "If This Thing Should Spill" Nathaniel Rateliff "Brakeman" Great American Taxi "American Beauty" Apples in Stereo "Dream About the Future" Eric Shively "Baby (Can't Sleep)" Sixteen Horsepower "Coal Black Horses" David Rynhart "A Puddle On the Ground" Ricky Sweum "Hot Sonny Day"


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Clare - "Listen" Dave Sadler - "Wrong Turn" Strange Lights - "Liturgy" Jennifer Filzen - "Face The Dark" Mike Press - "Saturated" Jason Stocker - "End And Beginning" Gription - "Six Cylinder Crush" Rebecca Folsom - "In Good Time" Hans York - "Invocation" Itis - "Problem" The Crosswalk - "Words To Live By" Erica Brown Band - "Love And Happiness" Mickey Gasbarre & His Secret Band - "Let's Stay Together"


Epilogues - "King Arthur" Rob Drabkin - "She Comes and Goes" The Trampolines - "The Need" Boulder Acoustic Society - "I'm So Confused"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.