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The Pornstarrs

The Pornstarrs are MC J-Von the JiggaL.O.W. and producer Chili Fantastic, who are both known primarily for their production and remixing skills. D.O.P.E., the duo's latest, is a collection of pre-Pornstarrs work — or, more specifically, that of Zero Hour, J-Von's previous outfit, and subsequent projects that came about after that group folded. Recorded between 1995 and 2006, the material could be considered old by hip-hop standards, but a handful of D.O.P.E.'s tracks withstand the test of time: Songs like "Way Out," featuring Slimbo and Naes, and "Til I...," featuring Clymaxx and Kwadd, deftly showcase J-Von's ability to rock the mike and Chili's production prowess. On more recent cuts, such as "Lady" and "Back in the Day," J-Von's rhyme styles change quite a bit, at times sounding like Funkdoobiest. While overall this collection of lost tracks lives up to its title, some new music is definitely in order.

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Quibian Salazar-Moreno