The Procussions' Mr. J Medeiros returns to Colorado for EP release

Although the future of the Procussions is up in the air, founder Mr. J Medeiros is continually working hard on new music out in Los Angeles. He's currently working on his new album, Friends, Enemies, Apples, Apples, which is scheduled to drop sometime this summer. But in the meantime it appears he had some stuff to get off his chest and came home to Colorado to do it.His new five-song EP, The Art of Broken Glass, is entirely produced by Colorado-based producer Boonie Mayfield, who Medeiros said he found while surfing YouTube.

"About six months ago, I was doing my usual YouTube surf while eating breakfast, and I ran across this video of a guy in his bedroom banging on his MPC," Medeiros writes on his recently launched website. "Dude was real ill. REAL ILL! The first thing that hit me about [Boonie] was his energy, and I don't mean that in a 'glow-stick raver' way (shout out to D.J. Sasha). I mean it in an 'early '90s, I don't need an 808 drum kick to make you feel me' way."

Check out a taste of the EP and the Boonie Mayfield video that impressed Mr. J after the jump.

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