The Que Pastas' new video for "Mr. Butterfly" is kid-tested, mom approved

Weird Turn Prose may be the name of Gene Davis's main band, but it's also a pretty fitting description for the music he's been making lately with a group called the Que Pastas -- well, not weird so much as unexpected. When Davis interned here a few years ago before moving on to the Denver Daily News, none of us had any idea that he would one day channel his musical talents into making such entertaining kid-friendly music (an oxymoron if there ever was one).

But with the help of Era S of the Tanukis, Ryan Elwood and Chris Kolakowski, that's exactly what he's done with the Que Pastas. Taking a page out of Neil McIntyre from Littleague's book, Davis and company have crafted a delightful set of tunes to play for the beloved crumbsnatchers/curtain-climber contingent that won't send you off in search of a set of freshly sharpened pencils to shove into your earholes, like, say, the Wiggles.

"The Que Pastas is something I started over the summer after becoming burned out on the bar rock scene," says Davis. "We've played everything from preschools to this year's A Taste of Colorado. It's been a lot of fun playing music that makes little kids dance compared to playing songs for drunk bar-goers who could care less."

Ah, yes, the timeless art of making the kids dance. Funny: Davis doesn't have any kids. But you'd never know it from listening to songs like the one below. Check out the group's new video for "Mr Butterfly," which was animated using tissue paper, and then head over and download the band's four-song EP.

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