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The Record Revirginizer gives your records a facial

We were really trying to come up with some great puns for this one, but they all just seemed to easy. Either way, we happened upon this rather odd Australian invention called the Record Revirginizer and couldn't help but share it.

As you can see by watching the video behind the link above, the Revirginizer was featured on an episode of an ABC (that's Australian Broadcast Corporation in this case) show called "The New Inventors." The product is essentially a cleaner, or as the website bills it, "a bit like giving your records a facial," whoa there, let's keep in clean Aussies. The solution is poured on you record and then eight hours later you peel it off. Simple as that.

Although we imagine this is strictly made for only the most serious of audiophiles, it's still an interesting way to return your records to their old form. We're guessing this won't fix the Michael Jackson "Beat It" seven-inch you practiced scratching on three years ago when you wanted to be a DJ, but if you have rare irreplaceable records popping and skipping worse than a bowl of Rice Krispies this might be a solution for you. Either way you'll have to settle for paying import fees or resort to begging a local retailer to carry the stuff for now.

So what do you think? Are you going to order up a bottle for your precious Warlcok Pinchers collection or just use some soap and water?

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Thorin Klosowski
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