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The Retrosic

What would Lucifer do? Theologians assert that the Prince of Darkness would likely do the most damage by appearing as a man of the cloth to mislead the flock. But according to the Retrosic, Abaddon has a penchant for black latex and manufactured beats; his devastating return will coincide with the festival of Ladies' Night, where he will rally his dark-wave faithful and wreak havocŠon the dance floor. The electrified underwater treatment that the Retrosic's monocled vocalist, Cyrus, gives his sermons is in direct contrast to the happy, bouncy synths. And the innovative beats only occasionally fall back on Front 242 rat-a-tat; real drums even grace a couple of tracks. Most notably, the percussive, Persian-influenced "Elysium" is where one Mrs. Zaide dons and doffs the seven veils, her shuddering voice as seductive as Salome. Lilting faux strings underlie many of the arrangements, punctuated by movie samples, as the Dark Lord has instructed. Satan demands a sacrifice of guitars and levity. The Devil's dance music is only unintentionally funny, and His boogying is not to be mocked.
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Rick Skidmore