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The Rise

The Rise has absolutely no idea how to do things the way it's supposed to. The Austin quintet's debut, Signal to Noise, shattered hardcore convention, taking a strong cue from Refused but adding an even harsher, more electro tone to its nerve-shot techno-punk. As unorthodox as it was, though, the Rise was courted -- and subsequently burned -- by indie and major labels alike. The band's reaction? To go about as far underground as possible by releasing its sophomore full-length, Reclamation Process, as a free disc inside issue 21 of the popular zine Law of Inertia. Reclamation is easily as vexed and meticulously textured as Signal, with a couple of gorgeous prog breakdowns that would make the Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria break out the slide rules. But now, with member Danny Wood playing bass in 'And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, the Rise seems on the verge of sinking back into obscurity. Which would suck. Reclamation Process, as hard as it might be to track down, does more than just reclaim the group's DIY ethic and integrity; it reaffirms the Rise's position as one of the most blistering and vital voices in hardcore.
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Jason Heller
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