The Roxy gets Hellbound with new goth and industrial night

Promoter and label owner Dave Vendetta says Denver has one of the biggest goth/industrial scenes in the country, but he's had a hard time finding venues to book shows, especially since Rock Island closed. And then he found the Roxy (2549 Welton Street), which is open to him bringing in acts as Club Hellbound, a new EBM/goth/industrial night that kicks off tonight. The night runs twice a month -- every second and fourth Friday -- and also features DJ Deathwish and Slave1.

Since KMFDM is helping sponsor the night, Vendetta says they'll be giving away a ton of KMFDM stuff like CDs, buttons and patches. Vampirefreaks.com, which Vendetta says is the largest social network group in the world for the dark scene, is also helping sponsor the night as well with T-shirts and goggles that are big on the industrial scene.

Vendetta is also setting up a merchandise booth at the Roxy on Hellbound nights to sell albums from Vendetta Music, his record store turned record label. The next Hellbound on Friday, March 12 features guest DJ Chris Vrenna, Marilyn Manson keyboardist and former Nine Inch Nails drummer.

In addition to Hellbound, Vendetta is bringing Metropolis Records artist God Module to the Roxy on Tuesday, March 9, with local acts Blackcell and Torso. Norway's Apoptygma Berzerk, who recently signed with Columbia, will be at the Roxy with Dismantled and the Anix Sunday, March 14.

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