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The Sidewinder Tavern Is For Sale, Faces an Uncertain Future

The future of the music venue and bar known as The Sidewinder Tavern is currently up in the air. The building housing the establishment is on sale, two years after Sidewinder opened its doors. The hundred-year-old building has been home to numerous bars over the years.

Both the business and the building itself went on the market near the beginning of October. The property itself is listed at $350,000 and the business entity at $205,000. The current leaseholders (the owners of the Sidewinder Tavern) have the first option, and prospective buyers would have to come up with a sum of $555,000 to buy out the lease. According to Fernando Guzman, son of co-owner Kyle Ramirez, a few people have come to check out the property but there are no firm offers at this time.

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The Sidewinder had become a staple in the local music scene. It's a place with a low key atmosphere and quality food, where there could be all-ages shows and an alternative to more commercial music venues. In 2013, part of Goldrush Music Festival was held at the Sidewinder.

Over the last month, some of the staff have left the Sidewinder, including the main booking manager and sound person. Though shows have been booked at the venue into November, Garcia says there's some uncertainty about the operation's future. It currently has a three and a half year-long lease with a five year option. But the competitive real estate market in Denver makes it seem quite possible that the building and the business with be bought out soon.

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