The six best quotes from Iron Maiden's show last night at Comfort Dental Amphitheatre

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Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is generally pretty talkative on stage, and last night was no exception. From employing some time-tested rock clichés lampooned in Spinal Tap to actually invoking the iconic mockumentary, he had plenty to say. As we noted in our review, Dickinson bemoaned the show's earlier ending, took note of the, ahem, smells wafting through the audience and more. Page down for the best moments of his banter.

How the hell are you tonight? Hello? I think most of you are alright. This one guy down here, he's very alright. I think he's got his own marijuana plantation going down there. Yeah, you, smoking weed. Over there with the glasses on, looking like Mr. Preppy. 'Ello. How you doing?

"I can fucking smell it from here, man. Fuck me! I'd rather smell my own farts than that shit. Anyway, never mind. We'll leave you to it, shall we? Tell me when we get to the end of the set. You'll never know."

A cliché as timeless as time: "Scream for me, Denver! That's such bullshit! SCREAM for me, DENVER!"

His thoughts on the venue: "true Spinal Tap fashion. We cannot get the full show. We've got ten semis full of gear outside, and half of that stuff -- well, one semi's worth of stuff is still in the truck, couple of special effects we can't get in tonight, sad to say. However, with a little bit of application and a little bit of burning down, you never know, they might have to build an extension on the place next year. Who knows?"

On the imposed curfew and noise restrictions: "Why would you bother about noise if you're near a rock concert?"

Before "Run to the Hills" and increased pyro: "Let's see what we can get out of you if we turn up the heat."

Invoking the Great Oz: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

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