The Ten Best Michael Jackson Impressions at Who's Bad

Who's Bad, the traveling tribute show to the King of Pop himself stopped by the Ogden Theatre Saturday night. Jackson himself will, for obvious reasons, never play the intimate Ogden, but fans got to glimpse what it might be like thanks to the tribute act. Our photographer was there, and got some photos where the line between Who's Bad and the peacefully resting ghost of Michael Jackson blurred together.

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10. Everyone knows Jackson's hair game was on point. This is just too messy.

9. Jackson was the master of detail. His devotion to the minutiae is what helped make him great. Jackson would never let his sunglasses appear crooked in public. Never.

8. As pointed out above, that hair game is out of control. No way would Jackson let that much freedom into his curly locks.

7. That facial expression is just too organic. Again, the emphasis should be on the minutiae.

6. The hair game is more on point here. Good job.

5. Unlike number eight, that facial expression screams "I am the King of Pop! Bow before me!"

4. Undoubtedly this is the start of a signature Jackson dance move.

3. You could easily imagine that is Jackson himself screaming "Thriller!" in this photo.

2. Glove? Check. Sexily unbuttoned shirt? Check. Spot-on facial expression? Check, check, check.

1. This is probably the real Michael Jackson.

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