The ten best smoking sections at Denver's music venues

In spite of its jogging and vegetable addiction, plenty of people in Denver still smoke. No, the other kind. The one you can get in gas stations. Some music venues are better equipped to serve smokers than others, so we've put together a roundup of the best places in town to light up. Remember, pot is still completely illegal to consume in these places. No one should even consider smoking pot at a concert. Not even for a second.

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Beta The patio of Beta is a cool, cozy place with two floors, making it certainly one of the biggest smoking sections in Denver. Surrounded by brush on the lower level, patrons just like to cool out on the lounge and converse, especially at night, when it is illuminated with glowing, strung-up lights and wonderful music. One of the best clubs in the nation has one of the best smoking sections in town. Cervantes/Other Side The outside patio behind the Other Side is a nice little private gem. With a six-foot privacy fence, chairs and often accompanied by food served on the patio, the smoking area is perfect for a quick break from the action inside. The section is also a good place to catch up with others at the show without having to yell over music. City Hall When City Hall does feature shows in its three-story venue, the roof retracts to offer a view of the sky and the top floor usually doubles as a smoking section. Aligned with couches, tables and chairs, the view is high and offers a great view of the stage. Another smoking section that offers the comfort of a bar so you don't have to go up and down the stairs all night is also a perk. Club Vinyl One of the most frequented establishments in Denver, Vinyl not only offers the side stairwells as a smoking area, but the third floor room top serves up a skyline view of the city that is relaxing enough. So if you have bottle service or are just dropping in for a particular DJ of the week, sit on the third floor so you can smoke and enjoy the view. They also just added hookah service as well. Exdo The building is huge, serving multiple purposes and events but always makes for a entertaining smoking section. Different chairs, lights and set-ups arise, especially in the summer when a myriad of diverse events are booked, like the current run of the Inkmonster Pool Parties where the beach serves as great place to enjoy the sun and smoke. Living Room Sit by the fireplace and kick up your feet while taking a smoke break at Living Room. The cushioned wicker couches serve as a cozy spot to hang out on a warm summer night. The wine selection and ambiance are warm and word is if you order a scotch or whiskey flight you get a free draft beer. Meadowlark Probably one of the most comfortable and shaded patios at a live music venue, Meadowlark's patio has a nice mist machine and usually serves as a quiet backdrop for a drag of a smoke during their other events. There are plenty of tables, chairs and places to sit, while looking at the cool stuff hanging from the roof like bikes and seasonal lights. Also the patio has its own bar so you don't even have to go far to refill. Cold Crush The patio on Cold Crush is not large, but it makes up for it with the entertaining diverse crowd that congregates there. You never really know who is going to pop up on the patio from legendary DJs, professional athletes to politicians, the smoking section is lively. Also catch frequent Sunday events on the patio like domino sessions or record swaps. Casselman's If the gated patio at Casselman's is full when you drive by, it's a good chance the party inside is rocking as well. Since they have hosted a variety of shows since their inception, the patio is known to many as a networking spot as well. During lighter shows there are tables and chairs but the patio has known to fill quickly. Quixote's True Blue The outside patio is easily one of the most decorated. The walls are covered with art and the whole section wraps around the backside of the venue making it deceptively roomy. Nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill, Quixote's has stayed "True Blue" to the decor of psychedelic, vintage art and in the summer time expect a late-night packed venue and smoking area.

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