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The Trainwreckers

The cover art for the Trainwreckers' latest release features a stock font touting both the name of the band and the album, framing an austere yet seductive illustration by Sean Tracey of a scantily clad gal propped up in front of a vintage Victrola. The simple design is the ideal complement to the no-frills, blues-based roadhouse rock contained inside. Singer-guitarists Jody and Jamie Ferguson, whose honeyed voices blend together in sororal harmony, are seasoned veterans in the scene, as are the men backing them, the ace rhythm section of Dani Harrison and Jeff Martin (Soul Thieves, Johnson) and longtime Trainwreckers guitarist Aaron Garcia. Over the course of thirteen tracks, these ladies and gents work their way through a solid batch of songs dealing with the universal travails of life and love with workmanlike proficiency and palpable conviction.

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Dave Herrera
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