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The Unstoppable Pulse of the Motorik Beat and Other Assorted Goodies

Here's a selection of the best of last week's music blogging from around the Village Voice chain:

Despite having no clue what the fuck this post is about (okay, it's something to do with Matt Pond), I find it deeply and strangely amusing. I think maybe it's the seamy undertones combined with the goofy pictures, like this one here...

A moment of silence, please, for one of the fathers of krautrock, Klaus Dinger, who recently died. Dinger was a founding member of both Kraftwerk and Neu!, cementing an incredibly important niche for himself in the history of music. This post covers his most influential contribution -- the motorik beat -- very well, and includes lots of video examples. RIP, Dinger, your beat is still hypnotizing kids decades after you first nailed it.

The Meat Puppets return and they are "washed in the stench of wonder weirdness." Find out what that means in this Q&A.

Because it's never too early (apparently) for best-of lists, enjoy this look at the best albums and singles of the first quarter of 2008.

Unravel the bizarre truth from the banal urban legend with this feature on some of the weirdest rumors, half-truths and fucked-up facts in music history.

From indie-rock innovator in Pavement to retro jam-band leader of the Jicks: the long, strange trip of Stephen Malkmus.

The bickering boys of Velvet Revolver get blogged as they feud in grand rock and roll style.

John Roderick of the Long Winters continues to prove that he is a strange and genuinely funny guy in his latest blog as an online columnist for the Seattle Weekly.

Music nerds of the world, unite and take over! Muxtape is here, a new way to share your exquisite musical taste with the world. Come on, get going on those sweet mixes that juxtapose an ironic hair-metal ballad with a promo-only rarity from your favorite hipster buzz band!

Don't call it a comeback: R.E.M. return to the spotlight, but there's a dark side to it. -- Cory Casciato

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