The video for Innerstate Ike's "Denver Broncos Anthem" captures Broncomanics in action

We're not going to lie here: The fact that the Baltimore Ravens are heading for the Big Easy next weekend instead of our beloved Broncos stings more than the time we faceplanted on the playground in third grade and mom had to pluck shards of gravel from our mangled paw and then finished it off with a warm stream of peroxide. Yeah, like that, only worse. Not that we're bitter, by any means, except that, uh, well, we are.

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You know what helps ease the pain? Nothing. That's right. Not a damn thing. If we've learned nothing else from music, it's that there's simply no cure for heartbreak like this. Just the same, while we're doling out cliches, misery loves company and all that, and so we take some solace in knowing we're not alone. Watching our fellow Broncomaniacs representing at Sports Authority in this video for Innerstate Ike's "Denver Broncos Anthem" featuring Esi Juey and Nyke Nitti, it's hard not to be inspired, like the sun (which is orange, BTW) will someday rise again. "I bleed orange and blue/I bleed that blue and orange/Love 'em so much, I should wear a uniform," Ike declares. Mile High salute to that!

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