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The Waxwings

There's a certain swagger to '60s rock, a hip-loose and almost sexual sinuousness that most revival acts and garage bands can't even begin to replicate. The Waxwings are one of the few who can. The group's new and third disc, Let's Make Our Descent, shakes and shimmies like the most unhinged moments of the Rolling Stones or Them, only infused with a melodic sophistication and air of hormone-fueled abandon that recalls A Quick One-era Who or the Kinks circa "She's Got Everything." Hailing from Detroit, the outfit has toured with the White Stripes and recorded with lauded pop songwriter Brendan Benson (who is slinging guitar for the 'Wings on this tour). And like their compatriots, the Waxwings are proudly, zealously retro. But when you're quaking from side to side as uncontrollably as this, who needs to move forward?
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Jason Heller
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