The Weekend Show Down: Global Dance Festival touches down in D-Town

There's nothing like experiencing the sweat, thump and catharsis of a great show. But it can be tough to decide which one to go to when you live in Denver, the land of embarrassing musical riches, the land of too many shows and too little time. So which ones are worth checking out? Glad you asked. Because we work for you, we've compiled a list of the best shows this weekend in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio.

This weekend features so many CD releases you'd think you were being pelted with the things -- like some sort of biblical punishment except awesome and non-lethal. Dualistics, Roger, Roll -- even longtime standby Big Head Todd and the Monsters has a disc coming out this weekend (at a private release show, though). Elsewhere, Global Dance Fest rocks a party and the party don't stop, Dead Weather storms a sold-out appearance, and the Spirit of Hip-Hop inhabits you.

01. GLOBAL DANCE FESTIVAL COLORADO With Paul Van Dyk, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Infected Mushroom, and too many others to list Red Rocks Friday, July 16 and Saturday, July 17, all day $80 two-day pass

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: If you're into dance music, you already know the answer: The Global Dance Festival lineup is a veritable who's-who of the dance scene with three stages, twenty headliners and millions and millions of glow-sticks.

LISTEN: Paul Van Dyk Infected Mushroom

02. BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS CD RELEASE Herman's Hideaway Saturday, July 17, 8 p.m.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO (but can't): For more than two decades, Big Head Todd and the Monsters has been presiding over the Colorado music scene. Todd and the boys probably deserve their own holiday or something at this point. To celebrate the release of its new disc, Rocksteady, Big Head Todd is heading back to its old stomping grounds of Herman's Hideaway for an intimate show. If you don't already have tickets for this one, though, you're probably out of luck, as they were only available through KBCO.

LISTEN: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

03. THE DEAD WEATHER Ogden Theatre Saturday, July 17, 9 p.m. $32--sold out

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: It what may be Jack White's roughly eightieth side project, The Dead Weather is probably the least White-ish project yet (yes, we're going to make it all about him), The Dead Weather keeps White's garage/blues sensibility but deconstructs it for an angular, disjointed sound that sometimes recalls Tom Waits.

LISTEN: The Dead Weather

04. DUALISTICS CD RELEASE With 200 Million Years, Mike Marchant's Outer Space Party Unit Hi-Dive Saturday, July 17, 10 p.m. $6 in advance

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Dualistics has been taking it easy lately, so just the band's playing a show at all is worth noting. The release of Crimson, the bands excellent new record, however, is worth celebrating. Always well-versed in the ways of huge, meaty guitar hooks and taut vocal harmonies, like Weezer before Weezer sucked, Dualistics is guaranteed to make you stop pondering your own duality for a while and just shut up and rock, you weenie.

LISTEN: Dualistics

05. ROGER, ROLL CD RELEASE With Hello Kavita Hi-Dive Friday, July 16, 10 p.m. $6 WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Fronted by Houses's Eric Peterson, Roger, Roll is poised to inherit the torch of unassuming-Asian-guys-who-front-bands-that-play-hushed-gorgeous-shimmering-ensemble-rock from Cory Teruya of Hello Kavita, with whom the band shares a bill. Like those of Dualistics, sightings of Roger, Roll are as rare as spotting the ring-tailed kuwaka (which is a bird we just made up), so catch the band while you can.

LISTEN: Roger, Roll

06. SPIRIT OF HIP-HOP PARK JAM With 3 the Hardway, Lowkey, Lazy Eyez, Kool Aid, Bmoney, Babah Wird and others La Raza Park (38th and Navajo) Sunday, July 18, 11 a.m. Free

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Well, it's free, for one thing, and it's hosted by Dent and Johnny 5 of Flobots, for another. If that's not enough for you, 3 the Hardway lays down its funk-heavy yet atmospheric jams, overlaid by emcee A.V.I.U.S.'s signature raspy flow, while plenty of other friends fill out the bill. And if that's not enough for you, well Geez, we don't know. There will possibly be hot dogs?

LISTEN: 3 the Hardway

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