The Westword Music Showcase is happening, it's really happening!

We are live from the twentieth Westword Music Showcase. Friends, I can now give you the exclusive news that there are tiny ferns on every table in the VIP section.

There are also many bands. More than 150 bands, actually, playing seventeen stages in the Golden Triangle. Stop me if you've heard this song before, dear Backbeat readers.

We will be here when I'm a Boy kicks things off at Krewe at noon. We will be here when DJ Cavem Moetavation raps about the nourishing qualities of kale. We will celebrate Colorado's wonderful plant life and get real into nodding our heads to Dragondeer. We will use quantum physics to split ourselves into seventeen Denver music-loving parts and see all the excellent music this city has to offer. We will be pretty drunk by the time 2 Chainz and Diplo hit the main stage, I bet. And we will see you here.

Functional stuff! You can download the Westword Music Showcase app on your future phone -- that will allow you to mark the bands you'd like to see. We'll also use the app to tell you anything you need to know, but we promise not to be jerks about it.

Talk to us! The #hashtag for this is #westwordshow. Learn it; love it. We'll be keeping track of it, and if you make us laugh or admire your filter game or whatever, we will tell people about it. The easiest way to do this is probably to use Fan Plan, created by solid human Greeblehaus Aimee and her equally solid husband Bryan. Fan Plan is a festival-ready mobile website (which is to say it loads very quickly) from which you can see the schedule and very quickly tweet from wherever you are. It does all the tagging and hastagging for you. It's great. Bookmark it once your phone finishes downloading the Showcase app. fanplan.info/westwordmusic.php

Talk to us in real life! We'll be around. The schedule is right below -- you can click to enlarge it. Westword's writers, editors, art people, event people, management people, all kinds of people. We'll drink a beer with you in the company of a tiny fern or while watching a Denver band.

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