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Reader: The Who, Santana and Doobie Brothers? Are There No New Bands Worth Promoting?

Reader: The Who, Santana and Doobie Brothers? Are There No New Bands Worth Promoting?
William Snyder / Trinifold
Recent concert announcements included several blasts from the past. The Who will be at the Pepsi Center on September 29 as part of the act's Moving On! Tour, a 29-city jaunt. And on July 3, Carlos Santana and the Doobie Brothers will be at the Pepsi Center, too. The announcements were met with cheers, as well as a few jeers for the Pepsi Center itself.

And readers had plenty more to say about these long-loved acts:

Says Doug: 
Bring your walkers and rolling chairs: The Who Geriatric Tour is coming.
Adds Wayne: 
I think this would be my fourth final Who show. The first was in the ’80s, while I was in high school.
Responds Ronnie:
 Moving on to heaven? Should be a steep discount on those tickets. No guarantees they will live through the show.
As for Santana and the Doobie Brothers, Eugene asks: 
Do you know what a doobie is? Hehehe.
Recalls Daniel: 
Saw Santana open for Cheech and Chong and the Rolling Stones at the LA Forum in 1973....These guys are OLD...
Responds Michael: 
Seeing Carlos Santana is required at least once in this life...
And David says:
Santana was amazing at Red Rocks! Very disappointed by the venue choice. The sound in the Pepsi Center is terrible!
Jeff concludes: 
What 1970s acts aren't touring this summer? It's like the summer of the dinosaurs. Are there not any new bands worth promoting anymore?
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