The Widow's Bane

Falling somewhere between Tom Waits and the Misfits (with a generous helping of classic seafaring work-song influence), the debut album from Boulder zombie folk-punkers the Widow's Bane is arresting and addictive. These pitiless lads got their start performing in storefronts on Pearl Street, and their self-titled CD was recorded partly in Gypsy Jewel, an Asian craft store owned by guitarist-vocalist-pianist Mortimer Leech's mother-in-law. Leech's love for harrowing old-time chanteys shines through (darkly) on this thirteen-song trip through death, un-death, debauchery and abuse. Yes, the bandmembers dress up in full zombie garb at their shows, but it's the combination of outstanding burlesque, impressive musicianship and imaginative, tradition-wise songwriting that has this act headed to the West Coast for its buzz-fueled first tour.

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