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There is Now a Big Head Todd and the Monsters Moonshine

If you're the kind of Coloradoan who enjoys listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters while drinking hard alcohol, perhaps at the band's annual Red Rocks show, then their is something new you should put at the top of your holiday shopping list -- Colorado Sun 'Shine.

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The makers of Colorado Sun 'Shine (get it?), Denver's h i p Brand Development, have partnered with the local and iconic band to help them create Rocky Mountain moonshine.

"The introduction came through a mutual friend," says Brand Development CEO Jim Watson. "A gentlemen who's been involved in the music industry in this state for a long time." Watson says that they, along with the band, thought the moonshine would be a perfect product for a band with a history as rich as the woods in which moonshine came around. "As Todd told me himself he said blues music is steeped in the history of moonshine and [they] like that. They really gravitated to it and everything else fell into line after that."

Watson says that the company was looking to partner with a Colorado band, and when Big Head Todd got suggested, he thought "I don't think we can find a better fit."

While Todd and the boys weren't in the distillery making the concoction themselves, they did help develop the concept an have been there approving developments. They performed their quality control duties with particular enthusiasm. "As soon as they tried it, everything else was done they were in," Watson says.

The 'shine is a steep 52.80 percent alcohol by volume. The makers claim it is "smooth" but it is 105.6 proof, so smooth is a relative term here. The hooch will be available in the Denver area starting November 1. Big Head Todd, the longtime blues jam band out of Boulder, is of course available anytime you open your itunes or Spotify. And now starting in just a few days, their name will be on Colorado Sun 'Shine,

While you still can't drink with Big Head and The Monsters themselves, you can pick a bottle up and get thoroughly drunk while listening to their records (which are always a great soundtrack for a starry Colorado night), knowing Todd himself would be proud.

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