This Friday's Rap-A-Thon to feature more than fifty local MCs in a continuous cipher

Hip-hop and it don't stop. Surely you've heard this expression. For those immersed in the culture, this is more than just mere words or even a category on the Backbeat blog -- it's a way of life. And this Friday, August at the Savoy Ballroom on 27th and Arapahoe, there's an event that fully intends to embody this notion. It's the first annual Rap-A-Thon.

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Slated to kick off at 8 p.m. and run through midnight, the Rap-A-Thon is precisely what it sounds like, a continuous cipher starring more than fifty local MCs, including Dent, Turner Jackson, Trev Rich, F.L. of the Foodchain and more, backed by DJs Dozen, Vacho and Squizzy Taylor. Doubling as a release party for Molina's new album, Greatest Rapper Never Heard, this will most definitely be the place to be if you're hip-hop head.

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