This Just In: NV Lounge moves in to former One Eyed Jacks space

When the Continental Club opened at 475 Santa Fe Drive in early 2008, it showed a lot of promise, and quickly became our Best New Bar in that year's Best of Denver. The Continental closed within the year, though, and was replaced by One Eyed Jacks last January. And although Jacks, like the Continental Club, brought in a fair number of punks and hipsters, it closed in August. Now the address is being resurrected as the NV Lounge - and you can bet bikers will be part of the mix.

New owner Mary Contreras, who managed the biker-friendly Shuffle Inn for two years, wants to include the motorcycle set in what she envisions as a very diverse crowd of customers. To attract them all, she's done a lot of work since taking over the spot in December, putting in a new carpet, installing a DJ booth where the One Eyed Jacks jukebox once stood and adding a dance floor to what had been the stage area. She's planning on bringing in DJs and live bands, and hosting karaoke nights, and having the space open by the end of next week.

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