This Sunday, King Rat celebrates its seventh album, Sacred Things, at a place it holds sacred

Note to the grizzled cynic who said that punk's long since run out of any new ideas: Luke Schmaltz could make you eat those words, hot shot, with a heaping side of shut the hell up. This Sunday, September 16, the members of Schmaltz's band, King Rat, will be celebrating the release of their new album, Sacred Things, their seventh record -- yeah, yeah, pipe down for a second there, chief. Nothing novel there, we know. But dig this: It won't be going down in some loud, raucous bar -- because, well, that has been done a million times over. But rather the band will be performing at Th'ink Tank Tattoo, the place where "coincidentally," notes Schmaltz, "we spend any cash we ever make on music."

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But wait, it gets better. "We are going to pick fifty songs out of our seven record repertoire, write the name of the songs on old broken drumsticks and place them all in a large tub at the front of the stage," Schmaltz explains. "Before each tune, an audience member will pick one, call it out and off we will go! Should be a hoot." For sure. Oh, and there will also be food and beer. Mmm...beer. Drunk punk -- now that's a novel idea.

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